Phillip W. Wallace


Mr. Wallace is President of Gray Rock Technology Group.   With Gray Rock, he has helped customers in a variety of technologies, including: GaN, MEMS, RF Silicon, GaAs heterostructure devices, as well as a variety of electronic designs. 


Previous positions include:

·         COO, GlucoLight Corp where he led the development team which produced the first non-invasive glucometer used in ICU clinical trials.

·         CEO, Qusion Technologies, which developed InP photonic integrated circuits, including the first wide optical bandwidth modulator,

·         VP, Fiber Communications at ANADIGICS, Inc. turning around the fiber products group growing revenues over 25% in the first year primarily through aggressive new product introductions of integrated optoelectronic receivers,

·         VP, Product Development at ANADIGICS, Inc. where he led the design and development teams for the Cable and Broadcast, Wireless, and Fiber Products groups leading the company’s development efforts to well over $100MM/yr in revenue.

·         MMIC Design Manager, ANADIGICS, Inc. where Mr. Wallace led the design and development of the first commercially successful high volume GaAs integrated circuit, a Direct Broadcast Satellite receiver.


With over 30 years of experience in the field of  high speed electronics and Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits, he has extensive experience bringing leading edge products in new technologies into emerging growth markets.


Mr. Wallace holds the B.S. and M. Eng. Degrees from Cornell University, and has continued his education with executive business programs at Stanford, MIT, and the University of Western Ontario.






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