Gray Rock

Business Plans and Proposals

One of the most important services we provide is assistance to startups with business plans, and proposals. A business plan isn't just a document you prepare to get funding, it is a roadmap and communication tool for your company. Your strategy for winning in the marketplace must be clear and rational. How you will design, build, and sell your product must come through, and above all, your burn rate and revenue plan must make sense.

Proposals, whether for government or industry are also documents we can help with. A proposal must reflect a clear understanding of the technologies involved, and how they will be used to accomplish your goals. Gray Rock doesn't just help with the writing, we help develop your technical approach, including product design, fabrication, facilities, and cost.

The Gray Rock Technology Group, LLC has worked with many small and startup companies to make their plans and proposals walk the fine line of aggressive, yet practical. We provide the "surge capacity" to get these done to allow you and your team to focus on your business.

Call us or email us, and we can help you get started and grow!

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